Serco, a company has been given the contract, about deporting the non-citizens back to their home countries.

The worth of the contract is 9.9 million USD.

The contract will be operated at a huge cost of almost 415,000 every month. The duration of this contract will be two years.

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Currently, This program is getting operated by the international organization for migration(IOM) which helps non-immigrants get back to their home countries. This program is getting operated since 2010. Apart from IOM, Serco will also be a provider of this service now.

Serco has also managed the detention of non-Australian citizens who come to this country. However, non-immigrants had more confidence in IOM because of its management.

The IOM managed the non-immigrants as per the guidelines set by the UN. Therefore, these non-immigrants are sent easily home without them making face any kind of problems. Sending non-immigrants back home is done better by IOM. Serco is going to run a Homeward program which is different from IOM’s program. IOM makes sure that the illegal non-immigrants, when sent back from Australia, can re-assimilate themselves better into the homeland. This reuniting of non-immigrants won’t be a part of Serco’s non-immigrants-sending-back program.

This program of helping non-immigrants in departing from Australia by Serco will be known as the Assisted Returns program. This program helps noncitizens of Australia in going away from here once they are found to be eligible. They will be given funds for returning to their home country once it’s found that they can return because the situation in their country has altered.

The departure services from Australia include complete advice about how to go away from here. IOM helped a lot of people in returning to their home country, which included 821 people which included 194 to SriLanka. So, IOM provided services to all these people.

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From 2013-2018, IOM helped so many people leave Australia and go back. So, during this term of 5 years, 4,920 non-non-immigrants were sent back home. Apart from that, from 2010-2013, it has assisted 2,750 nonimmigrants to go back home who had come to Australia by boat. Most of the transfers from Australia happened to other countries including, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Afghanistan.

So far Serco has done work in various sectors including hospitals and housing. It has also been responsible for providing services in different countries like Australia, the US, and Europe.

Serco responsible for violating human rights

However, it is known for violating human rights. A lot of communities are against Serco and not willing to sign a contract with it because it has been known for violating human rights when dealing with the detention of immigrants.

Serco has already signed a five-year contract for immigration detention from Canberra. It got this contract although there was a problem with its immigration detention facilities at Christmas Island. There has also been a fall in the number of people who have been coming to Australia via boat. This number has just been reduced to 3,000 now from 10,000 in 2013.